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Welcome to the Appalachian State University Scholarship Portal. Applications for 2024-2025 scholarships have closed. Applications are currently open only for the scholarships you see listed below.

(If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student applying for admission to Appalachian, your admissions application served as your scholarship application. Please go to Admissions for more information)

How to Apply
• Click Sign In in the top right corner.
• Complete the General Application.
• Complete any department-specific questions, if applicable. Please note, not all departments have additional questions.

How Does This Work?
The scholarship portal will automatically match you to scholarships you are eligible to receive. It uses your Banner data (like major and GPA) as well as your application answers. You won’t need to fill out a separate application for most, though there are a handful of scholarships that have such unique requirements that they require their own application. You can find these listed as “Recommended Opportunities”. Recommended does not mean that you meet all qualification criteria. Please review the criteria to determine if further action is needed.

What to Expect After Applying
• Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, you have not completed the application process and will not be considered for applicable scholarships.
• When your application is submitted, you will be automatically matched to the scholarships for which you meet the minimum requirements. Scholarship committees will then review individual applications in order to make selection decisions.
• You will receive an email from the scholarship committee ONLY if you are selected for a scholarship – Most departments and scholarship committees will notify students by mid-April or after Spring grades are final.

If you are applying for admission to Appalachian as a First-Year student or a transfer student, you may submit a scholarship application by following these links:

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and University Scholarships if you have any questions or concerns

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Blowing Rock Country Club Scholarship
To provide support to students who 1) have been admitted for enrollment...